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OK, so where did the term Razarking come from? Back in the 70's band Sanctus I played a '59 Gibson Les Paul with Mighty Mite pickups through a Marshall Super lead 100 watt head and two Marhsall 4x12 cabinets with 25 watt Celestion "greenback" speakers. High gain amps were still years in the future so I played my Marshall tube head on 10 and ran it into an attenuator to absorb some of the wattage and cut the volume everyone in the band was hearing. The guys in the band said my tone sounded "like razor blades coming out of the speakers" and dubbed me The Razor King since King is my actual name. Fast forward to the time we are living in when branding ones self is the norm. My band Raddar uses that spelling  because it reads the same both ways. So why not spell razor where it reads the same both ways? So RazaR was born and became my nickname again.

I got the guitar bug when I heard Hendrix playing Foxy Lady on AM radio in the late 60's/early 70's. I'd never heard controlled feedback come from a guitar before and it captured my attention. Plus, no-one could play like Jimi! A few years later I accidentally heard Into The Void by Sabbath playing on a neighbor's car stereo and that one did it-I HAD to get a guitar and learn how those bands were getting these sounds. I mowed lawns until I had enough money to trade a guy for a vintage Gibson Les Paul Junior he got as a kid and didn't want, and I used that guitar to trade for my first Marshall amplifier. I used to lay awake at night and stare at it's dark silhouette in my room in total wonder that I HAD A MARSHALL. I bought my first '59 Les Paul Black Beauty from the guitarist of the country band Tony Douglas And The Shrimpers for $350. It never played country again.

Then came learning all the cover tunes by other bands. That was fine in the beginning, but I rapidly developed my own techniques and tired of playing guitar parts other people wrote. These were the days that I began to find "the sound in my head." I doodled, labored, toiled until I could play a solo or chord passage that was in my mind. Probably the best exercise I ever put myself through. This made me fearless to sit in with anyone from jazz to country to pop. But, my real love was and will always be HEAVY. "Razar brings the heavy" is the mantra people attached to me and what listeners have come to expect from me.

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