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Hindsight. Possibly the most dismal word on the planet. How does one know they are holding a future collectible? My '59 Les Paul, my '67 Stratocaster, my early 70's Flying V, my Sears Silvertone amp. All highly sought after today, worth a small fortune, and no where to be seen! A friend at a music store said it best when I told him I let my vintage Gibson Les Paul get away from me. His words-"you could have put your kid through college and paid off your mortgage with that one!"

I have photos of some, but not all, of my past and present treasures. I've had so many Marshall amplifiers through the years that I can't recall all of them. On the "Gallery" page I've included pictures of some of the more interesting ones, kind of a history of me and Marshall. Same with guitars. I currently have three customized Les Paul guitars with high output pickups, a Flying V I had made for me out of custom parts, a Gibson SG with custom pickups and custom hardware, a "Tele" I had built with Dimarzio pickups, and an Adrian Smith model Jackson with Seymour Duncan pickups. I call this one my "killing machine." It is great for metal, but too much to hold back for other types of music. Since I play bass on my recordings and for all the Raddar projects, I have a Jackson 5 string with active pickups and a really cool Jackson 4 string with active pickups. Both are low end monsters.

And then there are the speaker cabinets. Two Peavey Penta open back 4x12, five Marshall 1960, two Ampeg V412, eight custom white "RAZAR" 4x12 cabinets. All the cabinets are loaded with Eminence Red Coat, Weber Tonecult, Celestion G12T-75, and WGS British Invasion 12" speakers. These are powered by ENGL, Laney, Blackstar, H&K, Madison, Panama, Bugera, and EVH high gain tube heads. Four Acoustic 8x10, 1x15, and 4x10 bass cabinets round out the low end. I get my unique bass recording tone by playing through a Bugera 333 that has four 6L6 power tubes and slave that into a 800 watt Carvin power amp. The bass signal is split to go to the Bugera and direct to a SansAmp Bass Driver DI, thus allowing me to mix both bass tones on my recordings.

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