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There are some places online I can be heard on bass and guitar. One of the best is the Raddar band site and EPK site. and

I trade off playing lead and rhythm guitar with Randee Lee, and play bass on all songs.

Later this year my first of three doom metal release will be ready and it is a crusher. It will be released under the band name Portal and is titled Subterranean. One song on this release is titled "Below" and is available for preview on my home page.

Also available this year will be the first of four Razarking releases. Number one is titled Born In Texas and it just plain rocks. One of the songs on it, "Starwatch," is available for preview on my home page. More information regarding both releases will be made available on this site when those details are complete.


Several other really cool projects in the works including videos, web radio, music book trilogy, band merchandise, and more.

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